Thailand Beach - Koh Lanta
Tweet Thailand & Backpacking. The two go together like Sang Som & Coke. Is backpacking in Thailand easy? For the most part. Should you expect challenges? Definitely. If you[...]
Cow on Medewi Beach
Tweet During my recent trip backpacking in Bali, I spent much of my time exploring the island from behind the wheels of my very own rented motorbike. It was an excellent, albeit sl[...]
Pulu and my 75,000 Rupiah Rooster
Tweet When you think of Bali, chances are you envision clear blue skies, white sand beaches, thundering surf and beach-side massages. You might picture thick jungle, vivid green ri[...]
Medewi Beach, Bali
Tweet I’m writing this November update on an AirAsia flight from Denpasar, Bali, to Bangkok; I’m covered in sand, my face is gray with road grime, but I’m unbelievably happy to be [...]
Creative Commons: EverJean
Tweet Bali – one of the many islands in the Indonesian Archipelago – is a shockingly beautiful and diverse place. This is no secret as many parts of the island are over[...]
Kuala Lumpur Scooters
Tweet I’ve heard nothing can prepare a traveler for their first days in Southeast Asia. I’d agree. It’s a place different than anywhere else in the world. My firs[...]
Tweet A highlight of a visit to Bangkok is undoubtedly the wide variety of food on offer from street cart vendors. From the quintessential Pad Thai Noodles, to banana pancakes, to [...]